Sydney, Australia (1994 – present)

Some time ago I was restless. Day became inseparable from night as I lay in bed thinking and thinking and thinking. Something, whether it was within me or beyond me, told me that I should create. After I was gifted with a mini-DV video recorder, I fell in love with filmmaking and writing as the two combined my curiosity and interest in the world around me and the characters and stories that I could create. Throughout my teenage youth I made many short films and YouTube videos, I wrote and published a novel and, in the art of taking part, I took up acting and modeling to better understand the dynamic between creator and muse. I came to love photography later in my life coming out of that teenage restlessness. Age had given significance to all the little moments that I would forget and photography was my way to slow it down. It’s just become a new way for me to figure out what is real to me in this world and why we feel the ways we do.

Currently, I’m the Creative Director of Seakyu Creative, a creative and social media agency I founded with my Managing Director, Dennon Clamp. We’re dedicated to championing great ideas and making them happen through the power of technology and social media. Currently I study a Bachelor of Law and Communications (Journalism) at the University of Technology, Sydney and am aspiring to make my mark as a fashion photographer. Thank you to you all for sharing this little journey of mine.

For all inquiries about image use, media and press, collaborations, and commissions for shoots and content creation, please contact: christopher@seakyucreative.com