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Rainy Nights & Neon Lights

It was a rainy day in Sydney. The worst rain we have seen in years with major floods around the east coast of Australia. I’m not a big fan of heavy rain, especially since I moved to the Sony system, which I’m quite afraid to take out in the rain. Light rain is enough to make the scenery romantic, but give me heavy rain and you’ll find me in bed with the heater on and my cat, Nebraska, curled under my arm. But since I was staying over at Enrico’s (@enricobecker) house, we naturally ventured out to take some photos in Chinatown’s neon glow. Walking down from Broadway, George Street was flooded. Drain gates had popped open and cars were driving through water that had pooled up in the middle of the road. One of the craziest sights was seeing a car with its tyres completely submerged in water. Perfect weather to make Boomerangs of cars driving through water.

The best part of Sydney is that it can look like anywhere else in the world. Whether you want to achieve Tokyo’s neon glow or Greece’s corinthian columns, there’s a place in Sydney for it. While this multiculturalism has played a definite role in my upbringing, it has always made me question whether Australia has a true culture. When my friends from overseas ask me about Australian culture, I don’t know the answer.

I could say that it is made up of many cultures and one simple walk down George Street will let you indulge in the delights of each country or to tell them about a snag on a barbie, an ice cold six-pack of VB on a hot arvo and thongs (this is what we call flip-flops in Australia). It’s something that I struggle with, so I end up just telling them both sides of the coin. I guess that’s the best part though – that we are a part of everything.

But lately I’ve been drifting towards my own culture by consuming asian media. When I was in Japan I felt like I fit in more, like I belonged in the culture. And it wasn’t because there were people around me that shared my features, but it was in the subtleties. Taking my shoes off before I came in people’s houses, certain manners and the way people would react to certain things and to me. It’s something that I’m missing here, but that thought is for another day.

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