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#MBFWA – Backstage at Maticevski

It was described as girls in chains, furturistic steampunk, but Bladerunner was one of the first things I thought of upon seeing Maticevski’s show. Blending the stylistic darkness of Bladerunner with Maticevski’s elegance made for some interesting designs. I had the opportunity of hanging out backstage and capturing all the faces and personalities among the chaos. One of my favourites was Mr. Maybelline himself, Nigel Stanislaus, who is so passionate about perfecting his make-up looks. Everyone that sat in his chair came out stunning. Thanks for admiring my skin, Nigel.

As one of the first shows of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, I had no idea what to expect. What I really wanted to experiment with though, as using light to draw attention to the subjects and using layers to isolate the subjects. The result were these really dreamy shots. I also snuck a few portraits here and there, the lighting backstage for Maticevski’s show was perfect for this. Perhaps one of the hardest parts was having a moment with the models since there are so many photographers pushing and pulling the action here and there. I’m starting to realise just how competitive this industry is.

When I had time to, I snuck to the runway just in time to capture the show. I still think the media pit is the worst place to be in especially with everyone’s big lenses sticking into the back of your head. No pun intended. I’m not going to post any runway photos as I think there’s enough coverage of that online. I think the best part about photography is giving people an insight into a place where they don’t usually venture into. So today’s post is solely on the backstage craziness that was Maticevski’s show. I’m getting back to sleep now. Fashion Week cya later.

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