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Mele Cascades

Mele Cascades is that cold drink at the end of a long run. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I climbed up those last set of rocks to get to this waterfall – it was something entirely out of this world. Luna and I dipped into those cold waters and washed our sweat-drenched bodies under the torrent of fresh water. Refreshed is an understatement of what I felt in that moment. Everything about Mele Cascades was so pure – if you ever make the trip to Vanuatu, I highly recommend making the trip out to experience it.

Don’t go on those bus tours from companies though, you will regret the moment they hassle you to get back down to the bus so you can stay on schedule. Rent a bus or taxi out for a day. Make sure to haggle though, some taxi drivers will take advantage of you and try to rip you off. I think the worst Luna and I got offered was $100 for the whole day. Try to haggle it down to $35-50, some bus/taxi drivers are more willing than others. Also don’t forget your swimmers! We saw some tourists who didn’t even dip into the waterfall. What a waste of a hike.

Climbing to the mouth of this cascade was perhaps the most rewarding experience though. Not only was it a hot day where I was literally sweating the pounds off my waist, but there were some moments where we had to take our shoes off to cross running rivers only to be greeted by sharp rocks on the other side. It’s not the best feeling and I’m pretty sure I got a few cuts on my feet and toes on my way up to Mele Cascades. It was all worth it though when Luna and I just played around in the rock pools and the waterfall. I’ve actually never felt so free in my life.

But let me backtrack a bit to the reason I even was in Vanuatu in the first place. I had been hearing a lot of things about the place from my business partner, Dennon Clamp, and when I realised I had a huge gap of time in between December to 2016 I knew this was a place that I wanted to escape to. Life in Australia had started to make me lose momentum – I still think Sydney is the best place to slow down in. Everything is just so laid back and the food is so good, but that makes you lose your drive to hustle and also gives you so many opportunities to get fat.

So a drive up or down the coast wasn’t an option. I needed to get away and lose myself in some place where I didn’t know anyone or anywhere. Where I couldn’t really speak the native language and where anything I discover would feel new. So Vanuatu it was. Paid for the tickets and the accommodation all in one night and before I knew it, my exams were done and I hopped on the plane with Luna. Vanuatu is so raw. The people are so kind to one another. And even though it was recently hit by a cyclone, I felt like all the money I spend there will be good for the economy as they rebuild themselves.

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