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Honeymoon Stage vs Comfortable Stage

Recently LeendaDProductions (Linda) flew from Vancouver to visit Australia. While she was here she met up with my friend Wengie, Australia’s #1 Asian Beauty Guru, and they decided to film a sketch together. But every production requires talent, and being new to Australia I could imagine it was tough trying to figure out who to cast in her video. So LeendaDProductions got Wengie to source some guys for her video. The first was her friend Oliver, who the girls just love and who I worked with in a Mel Gibson film, and the second was me!

I just had one problem though, I was cast as the bad boy in the sketch. Now I don’t always play the bad boy, my acting range so far in my career goes from Vietnamese Hot Bread boy to super emotional lovestruck teenager. So when I got to LeendaDProduction’s place it was no surprise that I swapped roles with Oliver. We had so much fun filming this video and the set was pretty chill. There was always room for improvisation and we got some pretty hilarious moments just bouncing off each other.

When the video was published I’m happy to have done my job at creating the most cringeworthy moments in the world. Dane Cook’sΒ romantic comedies got nothing on me! I’m going to have to say though, I think this will forever taint my image as a super corny guy on YouTube. Hey, if you look at me and my girlfriend we’re not this mushy! Okay… maybe a little.

Give it a watch!

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