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Canola Dreams

On my way to Canberra for a shoot I drove past this Canola field of pure yellow. As I was on the opposite side of the road, weaving through traffic to stop at this magical place wasn’t quite an option… and I was running on a tight deadline since I was doing an architecture shoot for a mechanical engineering company. So I decided it would be a place that I would stop at before I made the long journey home.

After shooting the buildings in Canberra on my skateboard, I rushed back to make it to this field in Wollogorang and run through the canola. As I only had my tripod, which couldn’t really go into portrait orientation, it was quite difficult to take any nice and unique shots so I tried my best with a standard landscape portrait. My friends from instagram later returned to this spot though to take the most gorgeous shots that I’m madly jealous of. Wish I could’ve had someone to take pictures with when I drove past! Hope the canola grows back soon.

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  • Amy Cai

    Holy crap…These pictures are so effing beautiful.

  • Such amazing shots of the fields!