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Harajuku Wallpaper with Sapphira Doll

Revisiting old memories with this photo series. Sapphira Doll and IΒ wandered through an art space in Harajuku. It was three separate buildings with art installations from various Japanese artists who have gathered together to create a space of creative collaboration. I wish there were places like this back at Sydney, a hub where people come and can just spend the day meeting other creatives who are working and trying to make a name for themselves in Tokyo.

Sapphira and I had been shooting for a while so we decided to find some food… and what else to eat in Harajuku but crepes or pancakes? We found this french crepe cafΓ© tucked away in a little side street where I had the best crepes of my life. I didn’t really take any photos since I’m the sort of person who wants to dig into my meal the moment I receive it, but the crepe was crispy on the outside, but the salmon, melted cheese and oozing poached egg filling would just melt in your mouth the moment you bit into it… Yeah I miss the food back in Japan, but nothing beats the choice and quality of Sydney.

Luckily, the interiors of this cafΓ© went really nicely with Sapphira’s outfit so we decided to continue our shoot inside. Hope they didn’t mind too much. If anything it was a subtle compliment to their store haha.

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