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Last Light with lisforolive

The last light dawns over Sydney. Conversations soaked in coffee come to a close as partners and friends sink into the curl of their chairs. Space for tired lungs to breathe. Livia (lisforolive) is making faces at me again… yes, that’s her special talent, she makes faces. We talk about relationships, being committed to someone far away from you and our futures, in a few days she will be Melbourne-bound. The sun is creeping over the horizon, the last rays are about to pull themselves from the concrete ground of the city. “Hey, you wanna grab a few shots before the sun sets?” I ask her. She nods and we quickly rush outside, the faces she pulled all day disappear from her face and she puts on her best modelling face. We grab what we can before the light disappears or until she starts making faces again and then we part ways. Dusk settles over the city.

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  • Love the use of lighting of your portraits of Livia!