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Analog Dreams with Julia Noh

Sometimes it’s too hot you want to stay indoors all day and watch TV, but the sunlight flickers onto your skin and you long to go out and get your tan on. So Julia Noh and I decided to take the old TV out onto the driveway and daze away to our analog dreams filled with VCR and dial-up internet and old 90’s tv shows.

Actually that’s a lie, we went sidewalk shopping in Rozelle and came across this little TV and thought it would be a cool prop to use in our prop. By the end of the day, I grew a little attached to the thing and decided to keep it for future use as a prop. I’m hoping it’s still functional and I’ll be able to use it for its TV static in another shoot.

Julia and I have also been friends for five years after meeting at a modelling runway for PJ Clarke. Yes… I used to be a model. Wouldn’t been able to tell, ey? But Julia and I haven’t seen each other for five years after losing touch. It was only after a shoot with Prema Smith that I realised she was a mutual friend of ours. Funny how old connections re-emerge.

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