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Miss Earth Japan 2015

The lights fade and a dynamic voice booms throughout a hall of fashion and beauty industry experts, family and friends, and the mature age fans looking forward to a night of beautiful, beautiful women. Well, the name beauty pageant doesn’t have beauty in its name for nothing, but the competition of Miss Earth Japan was a little different. The focus is on beauty, but it’s also about environmental awareness and friendliness and which girl best represents that – and that’s really hot.

So when Natsuki Robertson invited me to see her do her thing on stage as a finalist in Miss Earth Japan, I was:

1) Overjoyed that Natsuki made it into the finals and I’d finally get to see her in the zone.
2) Preparing myself for a hot night (no seriously, it’s summer here and I’m sweating profusely)

I did not understand everything that was said at the pageant as I’m still learning Japanese (woot Japanese Beginners), but I could see that each of these girls wanted it just as badly as the other. If there’s one thing I did not realise, it’s that beauty pageants are intense. These girls train together and grow closer to each other as they all strut forward towards a common purpose. Sure there may be underlying competition and rivalry, but it’s still pretty awesome being able to be friends with people who share the same goal and mindset as you. There was this one moment at the end where they made the prospective 1st and 2nd placeholders hold hands as they announced Miss Earth Japan. How cruel is that!? It’s like going up and up a giant drop at your local amusement park and having your seat’s locking mechanism breaking at the top just as it drops. Hold on tight, you’re either gonna make it down alive or soar into the clouds.

Nonetheless, it was still a great event. As for the photography part of my job, this was probably the toughest gig I’ve done as of late. I had to stay in my seat during the whole show. This made it difficult to move around and change my angles, however, as a creative, in order to grow you have to give yourself limitations. So I kept my camera down low by my waist and used a lot of the obstructions as shadows to create a spotlight effect on each of the competitors. I’m pretty happy with the result![/vc_column_text]

Miss Earth Japan 2014

Session Two

Session Three

The Results

Such a lovely night. Fingers crossed for Natsuki to be the next Miss Universe 2015 though hahaha. #NatsukiForMissUniverse

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