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Natsuki Robertson

Natsuki Robertson and I may have had a little bit of a rough start to our friendship. And by that I mean she watched me get crash-tackled by a Japanese man as he leapt over a table and dived onto me 32 times for a music video. Thanks Yingna Lu. Thanks for the hook-up. Fortunately the music video we filmed that scene for went on to be extremely successful and I’m just happy to be a part of it. Good work, RÜFÜS!

You can watch the MV here:

But if it wasn’t for Yingna and RÜFÜS, I would’ve never met Natsuki and we would’ve never been doing this shoot in the winter of Japan on top of Tokyu Plaza in Harajuku. Guess some things just fall into place sooner or later.

Right now, Natsuki is a finalist to become Miss Earth Japan. I’m so proud to see her come such a long way in her modelling career and I’m excited to be in the country during the finals to see her smash it! Miss Earth Japan is decided by the public though so it would be awesome if you could all give her your vote via this link: (just click the button underneath “Natsuki Robertson/ロバートソン 夏妃”)

Here are some snaps from our shoot!

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