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Frances Castley

How do I define Frances Castley? Well let me begin with her angelic voice. I first met her busking on the street and decided to have a jam with her. She was playing top 40 pop hits with an acoustic indiesque slant and I couldn’t help, but stop and appreciate her talent. We ended up doing a cover of Price Tag by Jessie J together and I did the rap verse by B.O.B. So after that first encounter I was lucky to see Frances’ career in music go through many transformations and here I am, five years away from that first encounter and her music has only grown from those humble busking roots to a transcendent solo project she has embarked on.

Recently she has started a Pozible campaign to support the recording of her first EP. I was lucky enough to have a sneaky listen to a few tracks and her EP is something I would pay for – in fact I preordered via her Pozible campaign immediately. I really love seeing local talent being fostered and this is an artist worth supporting.

You can support and preorder her EP via her Pozible campaign here:

If you’re a fan of Daughter, Julia Stone, Bon Iver, or Lana Del Rey then I highly recommend you check out her music.

Recently I was lucky to catch up with her after work and we did a casual shoot exploring Sydney’s neon signs and night lights. Check it out below:

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