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Jacquie Rodrigues

I love looking back at my past work to see the progress in my work. For some photographers, I know its cringeworthy sometimes looking back at the work that you did at the start of your career, but I believe its an important retrospective exercise we should all do. You get to see techniques you attempted that never really worked out or a glimmer of promise in your work that told you that you should keep on shooting. This is one of my first shoots and Jacquie Rodrigues is just looking beautiful as always. Make up is by Carolina Vieira.

Furthermore, looking back at past work can help you get out of a creative rut if you’ve been shooting for a long time. The excitement of creating something beautiful that you had little to no clue how to do. When I did this shoot with Jacquie I took about 8 shots and remember feeling like each one was gold. Now with more demand for content that is sometimes hard to do, but looking back I still love the restrained approach I always took. Perhaps it’s time to bring that back.

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