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Michelle Bae

All the lines lead somewhere. They cut off at the end, stop in a dash or continue winding on until they reach their destination. Such is the intricate work of Sydney-based illustrator and designer Michelle Bae. Studying a Bachelor of Visual Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, Michelle’s illustrations evoked a yearning for my childhood when I first saw them.

The care and detail of her drawings are disguised through minimalistic scribbles that join together to create a bigger picture and it is exactly that which draws me to her artworks. You are never aware of whether Michelle has thought of or intentionally composed their artwork in such a way to make you view it with a particular mindset. The result for the viewer is pure innocence. Perhaps it is the greys, the whites, the blacks and a splash of colour here and there, but I found it to be the lines and contours that travel around the artwork, creating a strange symmetry of some sort.

Recently I was finally able to meet up with Michelle and we shared brunch together at “KIN by us”, a cafe founded by my friends Uel and Shannelle Lim (they were also on My Kitchen Rules). The food was drool-worthy. Later I took a few snaps of Michelle in a park. You can see them below, but I really urge you to check out Michelle’s instagram and look at her artworks yourself. Be prepared for ASMR.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. #mishmallowart

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