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Rosamina Bold

When you make plans with someone only to have them interrupted by the daily struggle of life, you usually make the promise to raincheck that meeting – save it for another time. However, that rarely happens. This is my story with a very special girl, Rosamina Bold, who runs the very popular haute couture, lifestyle blog – Kouture Kitty Girl (check it out here).

I absolutely love all the clothes she collects and when we arranged our first shoot together she had this beautiful one piece, but unfortunately the day we picked was also one of the biggest storms Sydney had seen in years. So we decided to postpone it, however I jetted off to Japan and then we just kept on missing each other throughout the clutter of university life (even though we go to the same university!). On a funny note, every time we decided to schedule another shoot it stormed and rained pretty hard and we had to call it off.

But fast-forward to half-way through the year and here we are, on the windiest, rainiest and coldest winter day… and she is wearing the thinnest two piece outfit, which does not provide any warmth whatsoever. I guess after being stopped by Mother Nature for so long we decided to just do it. First stop, however, an umbrella for her. I didn’t tell her this, but the umbrella I bought for her was really just to replace the same umbrella I bought earlier in the year that I snapped in two after trying to exit the house. Yes I held an umbrella horizontally while exiting the house and running. I’m an idiot.

Then we found a super nice Chinese tea shop and they were super kind to let us shoot in there for an hour. The interiors were very homely – only downside was all the overhead lighting that cast shadows, but nothing a flash can fix!

We ended our shoot on the streets of Chinatown in the rain. I really love models who give it their all just for the shot and standing out in the rain with summer clothing during the winter is something I really respect. So huge props to Rosamina for being such a champion on this shoot!

Rosamina is dressed in Dyspnea, you can check out their collection at: (I personally love this fashion label. It’s so dreamy and out there! Jesus I’m becoming a fashion blogger now haha)

And here’s a bonus image for staying with me to the end of the post. Much love for you! Enjoy the Rilakkuma madness.

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