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6 Things To Do At Kuala Lumpur International Airport

So if you’re flying with a budget airline like AirAsia, you will most likely have to do a stopover at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Now let me make the assumption that because you flew with a budget airline, it is probably not in your budget to venture out to explore Malaysia or your stopover may only last for a few hours (let’s be honest though, you’re probably stuck there for 12 hours). But for those whose airlines cancelled on them while they were midair and landed only to find out that they would have to rough it out for two nights in the airport, this guide is for you. I highly recommend reading this if you don’t want to commit seppuku in the middle of Kuala Lumpur International Airport because let’s be honest… it’s not the most entertaining place in the world.


When you connect to the wifi a warning pops up that tells you to limit your internet use to 4 hours and to refrain from accessing lewd content, but with little to do in the airport are we really going to listen to this warning? Nope.

2. Battle Others for a Power Outlet

You bet this guy is about to hit you. You’ve been sitting in the same spot all day hogging that power outlet to charge your laptop’s battery and he wants a turn too. With all that free wifi you bet your phone and your laptop will run out of battery in an hour or less. However, the amount of power outlets in Kuala Lumpur are scarce. We had to hunt for a full hour to find one! Here’s a tip though, if you go to Gloria Jeans there are power outlets in the cafe + you can help yourself to a nice beverage.

3. Inflict Damage To Your Cholesterol

Everything you eat in Kuala Lumpur International Airport will give you high cholesterol. You have the fast food world at your disposal with even a Popeye’s that has enough grease to turn a dry wall translucent. But choose wisely, the McDonalds gave me food poisoning. Even the traditional Malaysian restaurant there is quite the grease trap. That being said, it is wonderful at the time while you’re devouring it. But everybody knows what happens after fast food.

4. Get Lost Trying To Find The Toilet

After your meal you will probably want to find the toilets, but trust me this place is a maze. Not because of the layout, but because every block looks the same! But if you do find it, you will be rewarded with not only toilets, but shower rooms for the desperate and smelly.

5. Go Duty-Free Shopping

Let’s be honest though, your broke ass will probably just cry as you try to figure out the exchange rate between your national currency and Malaysian ringgits. Also, chocolate is ridiculously overpriced for some reason despite all the confectionary mascots around the airport. Don’t buy the chocolate.

6. Sleep... Or Watch A Movie.

The only real option to cure your boredom is to sleep… or get as stoned as these turtles here. Most people in Kuala Lumpur International Airport are sleeping on the floor, in two chairs pushed up against each other to form a bed, and even in little bases surrounding power outlets (I told you, people fight over these things). My girlfriend and I tried reading and working on our art and articles, but the mundane environment really gets to you. I still think your best option is to have a movie at your disposal, push two armchairs together near your flight terminal to create a bed and watch a movie until you doze off. The airport is quite boring, but hey, at least you saved a few hundred dollars with your flight. After spending a whole day at the airport, I’ve decided to just spend the extra few hundred for a direct flight next time.

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