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The dew settles on her skin. Another morning start in the weeds, a far cry from a blanket or a pillow to rest her head. Snap. Her body is shocked into a pounce as her hand reaches for her spear. Their eyes meet, human and animal. She lowers her spear at the creature, its eyes are seeking for company. The world has grown lonely since everything fell apart. As she stretches out her arm to pet its fur, the creature scurries away. The girl removes her bearskin, covering herself in black, as she ventures beyond the tunnel she now calls home.

Droplets of water fall into a pool at the foot of an abandoned railway track. She dips her hand in and drinks from the cup of her hand. As she drinks bandits roam the forest, she hears heavy footsteps among the thicket. They eat people here. The survivors of this land forgot how to speak with reasonΒ and, instead, would rather satisfy their hunger. She looks down into the depths of the railway, not knowing where it would lead. Faced with either darkness or death, the girl begins her descent into the tunnel.
This is no escape, this is a home to murderers. Only they know the darkness she stumbles in. A lost shoe in the mud, a scraped knee. Words painted onto brick add volume to a distant revelry. Three silhouettes growΒ larger with each minute. Then with a single step her eyes widen, she falls into the abyss, her soul screams a lullaby. Twinkle, twinkle, little star.
Otherworlds is a collaboration between:
Photographer/Writer: Christopher Quyen
Model: EbonyΒ Rose
Make-Up Artist: Thanh Vo
Stylist: Diva Oberoi
BTS: Luan Whitworth

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