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MissBjersland | Gabriella Bjersland

Recently I did a shoot with Sydney based fashion blogger, Gabriella Bjersland. She’s originally from Sweden and during the shoot I just fell in love with her accent! Choosing the Queen Victoria Building and its surrounds as our backdrop, I went for a casual, but classy atmosphere for each of these photos. Now I don’t think I could ever blog about fashion, but admittedly I do read a few of them. It’s amazing what a few paragraphs on the latest American Express gold card dress by Alexander Wang or, in the most Tavi-esque manner, your latest haul at the markets can do for you. Of course, it’s all about personal branding these days and being someone who recognises and creates their own personal style is super important. In’s quite inspiring to see someone create their whole life out of a blog – its the new American teenage dream, right?

Now there’s one secret I will have to part with for this post – I love fashion bloggers. They’re like a stylist, model and make-up artist all in one talented person. As a filmmaker turned photographer, big teams of people are something that I don’t really miss. While I did enjoy having a good filmmaking team who each brought their own uniqueness to the film, organising cast and crew did take a lot of creative energy. Over time you start to lose that certain spontaneous creativity – some people call it the spark. So that’s when I grabbed the camera and started creating with simply myself and the subject. I think it’s a very beautiful and intimate combination. I still have huge respect for the work that goes into making films though with talented teams, but as someone who could barely pay their cast and crew, I don’t think I’m at that stage of my life where I can afford to work in huge crews. Until then I’ll just keep on shooting, I’m loving it so far! Here are some other snaps from our shoot.

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