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Meditations on Levitation

Meditations on Levitation was the first photography project I embarked on a few weeks after deciding to become a photographer. Coming into this project I decided that levitating was going to be the core of the piece, but I also wanted to experiment with elements of nature. The levitating portraits of my girlfriend (the girl in the yellow dress) came first. We shot them on the cliffs on Bondi and Tamarama beach while visiting Sculptures by the Sea for an instagrammer’s meet. Unfortunately we didn’t find them, but Nick Alfred (@nickalfie) found me on Instagram.

One of the things I found interesting was the way the waves would spiral around if they hit my umbrella. So for the last portrait I shot for Meditations on Levitation I stood with my back towards the waves waiting for an awesome wave to tower over the cliff I was on. Soon enough it did and the result was a wonderful blizzard-like image, however, the wave smashed into my camera knocking the tripod off its legs and soaking my gear in seawater. As I had my rapid shutter on, I also captured my face turning into this mortified look of horror!


But hey, the gear still works to this day. As much as they give me wrist pain, bless DSLR’s. For the final levitations, I managed to wrangle my friend from university, Bronte, and Rebecca Yu, a girl I just met and spontaneously asked her to model for me. These were the most fun to do, even though we started at 5 AM… we used a trampoline in my backyard to turn the trees into a backdrop. Honestly, with the sunrise creating all that soft light it came out more perfectly than I could’ve hoped for. After we wrapped up the shoot, Bronte spontaneously said I should call the project Meditations on Levitation. Perfect. Done. Love you Bronte.

Well here it is, Meditations on Levitation.

I hope the story speaks for itself, but I really wanted to show different degrees of escapism with each image. It could also be seen as a journey from introversion to extroversion, but that’s just my interpretation on it. What do you guys see?


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