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Begin Again

At the beginning of 2014 I became extremely interested in firsts. What a first kiss felt like, a first love, a first fuck. Most of this stemmed from the feeling that I would never experience something for the first time again. Of course, Spike Jonze’s movie, “Her”, which came out at the same time totally had nothing to do with this…

“Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever going to feel.”

But here I am in 2015 with more firsts, more new feelings in my year’s bucket than I would have anticipated. One of those was going overseas to Japan with my girlfriend during the summer holidays for the first time in my life. Now all the frequent flyer snobs can groan away, but being 30,000 feet in the air was absolutely fucking mind-blowing. As morning approached, I watched the sky split in two as the first light of the day slivered through the cracks of darkness. I still can’t get over how unreal that was. But with the good comes the bad. A couple of months ago I was bedridden for a month after coming down with viral meningitis or something. The pain was always dull then intense in short bursts like a cheap jump scare in a shit horror movie. Coming out of that and back into life hasn’t exactly been going to plan, hence why I’m up at 4:00 AM and not sleeping, but at least it’s a new feeling.

4 AM

So that brings us to here: Seakyu – my creative journal. Every now and then I’ll drop some bullshit post about where to eat in Tokyo (that would be useful though because I just couldn’t find good food there that compared to Osaka), but ultimately I want to share with you my journey, my experiences, and my work. So if you’re reading this – thank you. This year I’ve gained a lot of security of who I am as a creative. No I’m not some doped up artist who wipes my ass on a canvas and calls it art, but I think I’ve found my direction and I’m ready to take the stepping stones towards it. I’m nervous for the future, but the nerves are good… I just hope they stop soon so I can catch some zzz…

– CQ

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